Let’s Talk About Hair Baby!!!

What’s up hair lovers?!! Everybody wants that long silky straight hair but can’t seem to get it. The reason why is because you have to take care of your hair. It’s not just about what you see on the outside. Did you know your hair is made up of 3 layers, which are the Cuticle, Cortex and Medullamcc


The cuticle is what holds your hair color and shine. The cortex gives the hair the ability to stretch, and the medulla has no function, it’s an empty space in the hair (personally, I think it holds the body of the hair together).


Now, what you see on the outside is called the Hair Shaft. The shaft is made up of New Growth, Middle, and Ends of the hair. 


Your new growth is the closest to your scalp (about a ½ inch from the scalp). The middle starts where the new growth ends to the beginning of the ends of the hair.  The ends of the hair are the oldest part of your hair where your split ends appears.

So, in order to keep your pretty hair in great condition use GREAT PRODUCTS!!!!!!




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