Face Shapes


Have you ever seen a hairstyle you liked so much but it didn’t look right on you? You probably thought it was because of your hair type and/or color was different from the picture or the person who was wearing the style. The real reason is because everybody has a different face shape. Yes, I know isn’t that crazy?!?!


There are several different face shapes such as;

  • Oval Shapes are the perfect face shape for all hairstyles. It balances both vertical and horizontal hairstyles.
  • Round Shapes are a perfect circle. Angular hairstyles with volume at the top and decrease the volume on the sides will look appealing with this face shape.
  • Square Shapes are equal in width and length with strong jaw line. Soft hairstyles which frames the forehead is flattering for this face shape.
  • Rectangle Shapes has prominent cheekbones, high forehead and a long chin. Hairstyles with curl curves will shorten the face.  Also hairstyles with bangs and add volume or fullness around the sides is pleasing for this face shape.
  • Inverted Triangle Shapes are more of an upside down heart shape with a narrow chin and wide forehead. Soft hairstyles with a swoop bang on the side work best for this face shape.
  • Diamond face Shapes has a pointy chin and chubby cheeks with a narrow forehead. Hairstyles with fullness above or below the cheek bones are more fitting and helps slim the cheeks for this face shape.
  • Triangle face Shapes has a narrow forehead and a wide chin. Hairstyles with soft or partial bangs will compliment this face shape as well as hide and slim the forehead.

Now that you have learned a little bit about some of the face shapes and some of the hairstyles to go with them; what is your face shape?!?!


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