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Fabrics for Your Hair

Dry Frizzy HairHave you ever woke up in the morning and seen your hair on your pillow case? Or maybe come out when you’re combing and brushing your hair?  Well, it could be due to the type of fabrics you use to rest your head on and/or wrap your hair with before you go to bed.  Did you know cotton pillow cases, cotton hair wraps, and covers are soft but not good for your hair?  Cotton pillow cases tend to make your hair dry and frizzy, and can cause you to have split ends.  I know that’s horrible to think about but don’t worry; there is a solution.

Having the correct fabric is an important part of your hair’s maintenance.

Satin Pillows

Try using a silk or satin pillow case.  A silk or satin pillow case will keep your hair’s natural oils, and stop breakage as well as prevent damage to your hair.  If you prefer to use a cotton pillow case, then use a silk or satin head wrap (scarf) or hair bonnet to cover your hair at night before you go to bed.

When wrapping or covering your hair, make sure you don’t leave any hair out.  Leaving hair out can cause damage as well as split ends.

Satin Hair Bonnet
Satin Hair Bonnet
Satin Hair Wrap
Satin Hair Wrap

Using a silk or satin head wrap or hair bonnet will also keep your hair’s natural oils, and help prevent breakage and damage to the hair.

So remember, the right fabric for your hair will keep your hair healthy and looking good for a long time.